Brother style – January 2015

Inspired by my favorite blogger Elise Cripe, I plan to document a few of the boys favorite things each month in photos and the project life app.

Here is January’s edition.

Favorite books: LMNO Peas & hand hand finger thumb


Favorite shoes: new snow boots for both (especially appropriate for NorCal 70 degree winters!)


Favorite toy: magnetic building blocks & a football (and Daddy to tackle)


I put those side by side in the project life app collage feature then added them into a 12×12 scrapbook spread with a few filler and journal cards!


Here is a look at the post that inspired me Elise’s E & e in January

Around here – January 2015

Around here is a collection of photos + words to share what is going with us.


These two little men keep us very busy! We laugh, we play, we tackle, we cuddle, sometimes some of us cry, sometimes some of us nap, sometimes some of us argue, everyday we love them more and more!


Dylan has his first pair of cleats and is preparing for the start of T-Ball season!


Jacob took his first official train ride. We picked up the train in Sacramento and got off in Fairfield to an awaiting Pa-Pa Andy.


Enjoying a nice, sloshy mud puddle.



And … Introducing Dylan’s CAR! Jake didn’t want to ride with him because he is a little jerky on the start. Once he got in, with a forceful encouragement from mama, he loved it and now request daily rides in Dylan’s car. As I remind Dylan to watch where he is driving and not his brother or the scenery, I am having a future vision of trying to teach a teenage Dylan to drive. And many many more grey hairs!


Have a wonderful week!

Project Life 2015 planning


In 2014, I worked on creating a family memory keeping album with a system called Project Life. The majority of our pages are digital and I will be sharing the completed album later this month – I hope! Below is a “traditional” page I created with the story stamp for Dylan’s 4th birthday!


Going into 2015, I wanted a more systematic approach to capturing more journaling and more stories of our day to day adventures. I subscribe to Ali Edwards Story Stamp project and enjoy her style of documenting every day stories that create the lasting memories in our lives. I believe, that by documenting memories in this way, I am able to cultivate more gratitude for the blessed life we live. And, let’s face it, as a mom there are days I forget how old I am so having a permanent record of things my boys say that make us laugh, scripture that spoke to me that day or a gesture of love from my husband is priceless to me.

Here is my plan (and those of you not familiar with project life, I am linking products to allow a visual):

* I will either take a photo or journal on a project life card each day in 2015!

* I will use Photo Pocket Page F to put each picture and card into Design F
This allows me to plan all my daily photos to be vertical – they are mostly taken from my iPhone anyway.

* I will use the Heidi Swapp favorite things core kit for all my journaling and decorative cards. PL favorite

* I will make 12×12 layouts for events that I want more than one picture for using the Project Life App on my iPhone.

* I will make a cover page for the whole album and one for each month with a picture of our family and some journaling related to the Story Stamp’s current prompt.

It sounds complicated but just having a plan has made me feel more prepared for memory keeping. I have a direction and a plan – two things I love!

Just for fun … here is a look at my first page of January in progress … lots of post it notes to remind me what goes where!



First haircut!

Yesterday Jacob had his first haircut!

I had delayed it for a long time. Not willing to accept that my baby was now a toddler – despite the fact that he calls himself “baby”!


For me, it was so much more than a simple haircut. It was acknowledging the end of our babies days as parents. Embracing a milestone that maybe was overdue – he did have a beautiful mullet but the 80s have passed!

This haircut represents Jake moving into the land of toddlerhood. Potty training, bike riding, getting himself dressed and tantrums. But in the meantime I will soak up the bedtime routine that allows quiet cuddle time as I rock him to sleep and tuck him under a cozy quilt for a wonderful nights sleep!

Cheers to big boy Jacob!


Remembering 2014 + welcoming 2015!


As 2014 ends and 2015 begins, I want to remember …

the evening that Dylan drew a heart in the air with his finger to secretly sign he loved me from across the room.

the overnight Napa trip Darrin and I took that allowed us to slow down and just be together.

the excitment of all our December Christmas celebrations.

Jacob taking his first steps and quickly learning to run.

the lessons I learned from my time as management and a reminder that God has a plan for me even when I can’t see it.

going to church as a family (and the rare Sunday’s when Jake makes it the whole service in childcare :)

the summer trip to the lake with the Tillman girls and all playing in the sand like we were oceanside.

the times I had to sit and create scrapbook pages to document our families memories.

the after preschool park play times with Amanda, Lucas and Tessa.

the San Francisco trips to Giants game and another World Series win!

the family vacation at Donner Lake surrounded by love and conversation over the dinning room table.

camping for the first time as a family of 4 and watching Grandma Nancy jump off the pier like a wild and free teenager.

riding a stand up paddle board for the first time.

learning to embrace the morning by waking before the boys for quiet time with God and hot coffee.

taking time to reflect and record memories of my brother that seem to be fading as time passes.

moving from having a baby to a toddler who walks, talks and has quiet the entertaining personality.

moving from a 3 year old to a 4 year old who dresses himself and helps out with his brother.

I am excited for what 2015 will bring for the Gutierrez family! And counting all our blessings from 2014!

One Little Word 2015

One Little Word (OLW) is a project by my favorite and most inspirational memory keeper – the fabulous Ali Edwards.

I worked through this year long project in 2014 for the first time. Here is an overview of my 2014 OLW. I didn’t complete all the monthly prompts and felt at a real stand still once I had already TRYed at my assistant manager job and then resigned. I felt as if I was done with trying and I sort of floundered through the challenges that September, October and November presented. My December Daily scrapbooking project injected new creative energy into me and I am looking forward to 2015!

My OLW for 2015 is cultivate.

I wanted to continue with a verb. I like an action word! Cultivate is defined as applying oneself to improving or developing. Exactly what I am trying to achieve in 2015! “Progress not perfection”. I plan on using this action word for the OLW project and a project of my own based in scripture.

CULTIVATE allows me to work on myself, my attitude, my faith. Cultivate allows me to work with my boys to cultivate learning of their environment, their faith, and allow them to cultivate their personality while helping me cultivating acceptance of what is. Cultivate provides opportunities to cultivate a deeper relationship with my husband, my close friends and cultivate new relationships.

…more to come in January! Happy (early) New Year!

Ali Edwards 2015 One Little Word

Elise Blaha’s 2015 One Little Word